What is Tradle? How This Viral Game Teaches Global Trade

If you’re a fan of Wordle, you’ll likely enjoy Tradle. This new viral web game tests your knowledge of global exports and trade data. What is Tradle and how can it be useful beyond just fun?

Overview of Tradle

Tradle was created in March 2022 by the non-profit Observatory of Economic Complexity (OEC). Similar to Wordle, players try to guess a hidden country in just six tries based on a visualization of its exports.

The colorful treemaps show the trade data for over 100 countries. The more common exports are larger, while rarer ones are smaller. For example, you may see oil exports dominating for Saudi Arabia.

Tradle quickly gained popularity as an educational and engaging way to learn about international trade. Over 1 million people played in its first month.

Benefits of Playing Tradle

  • Learn which products different countries export

-Discover new trade relationships and economic partnerships

-Track your progress and compete with other players

-Available in English, Spanish, French, German and Portuguese

-Free to play with new countries each day

Uses Beyond Entertainment

While fun and addicting, Tradle also has practical applications for businesses and investors:

  • Identify new overseas markets and export opportunities
  • Evaluate countries to find optimal manufacturing locations
  • Assess the economic potential of countries for investment purposes
  • Gain market intelligence on competitors and supply chains

Overall, Tradle gamifies complex global trade concepts in a fun, easy-to-digest way. Beyond being a viral hit, it can support more informed business and investment decisions.

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