What is PV Service on My Credit Card?

When shopping online, you may have noticed an extra verification step required by some merchants at checkout. This additional security measure is known as PV Service or Purchase Verification Service.

PV Service is offered by credit card issuers as an optional fraud prevention feature. It works by generating a one-time password or verification code needed to complete digital transactions.

How Does PV Service Work?

When you use your credit card online, PV Service adds this extra authorization step:

  1. You initiate an online purchase on a website.
  2. The merchant sends your credit card details to the issuer for authorization.
  3. The card issuer sends a randomly generated one-time password to your registered phone or email.
  4. You enter this OTP or verification code into the checkout page.
  5. If the code matches, the transaction is approved.

This verification system makes it much more difficult for fraudsters to misuse your card number for unauthorized purchases. The extra credential is required on top of your credit card number and expiration date.

Benefits of PV Service

Here are some key benefits that PV Service offers cardholders:

  • Extra layer of security for online transactions
  • Protects against unauthorized use and card fraud
  • Free service offered by credit card companies
  • Simple to set up by contacting your issuer

Overall, PV Service adds important protection that helps detect illegitimate purchases on your account. If you do a lot of online shopping with a credit card, enabling PV Service is a quick way to reinforce security.

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