Universal Basic Asset: Evaluating the Concept

Understanding Universal Basic Assets Universal Basic Asset (UBA) is an emerging economic concept that proposes providing all citizens shared ownership or access to fundamental resources like land, natural resources, intellectual property, or digital platforms. Proponents of UBA believe it could reduce inequality and increase economic participation by making people shareholders in aspects of the economy….

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Prevailing Wage Determinations Processing Times, How long does it take?

Companies seeking H-1B visas and government contractors need Labor Department prevailing wage determinations to set pay rates for workers. But how long do these wage decisions take in the current environment? Prevailing Wage Determinations Processing times vary based on seasonal fluctuations and staff capacity. As of August 2023, the Labor Department is working on prevailing…

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Arbitrator Assets: Disclosure and Management to Ensure Impartiality

An arbitrator’s assets refer to any property or investments owned or controlled by the arbitrator. Full disclosure and proper management of arbitrator assets is crucial to maintaining impartiality. Arbitrators must reveal all their assets to the parties involved before accepting an appointment. This transparency helps identify any potential conflicts of interest stemming from the arbitrator’s…

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