Will There Be Another Stimulus Check in 2023?

stimulus check 2023

The possibility of additional stimulus checks in 2023 is a hot topic as Americans continue to cope with the economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and rising inflation. This article will provide a comprehensive overview of the status of both federal and state-level stimulus programs this year.

Federal Stimulus Checks in 2023

As of August 2023, there is currently no legislation in place for another round of federal stimulus checks. The Biden administration has not proposed sending additional direct payments. While some lawmakers argue more stimulus money is needed to assist struggling households, others claim further checks could worsen inflation.

At this time, it appears unlikely that Congress will approve another federal stimulus package with direct payments to Americans. However, additional legislation could potentially be passed later in 2023 if economic conditions warrant it.

State Stimulus Checks in 2023

With no federal payments planned, many states are stepping in to provide economic relief to their residents through targeted stimulus programs. These state-level stimulus checks are funded through budget surpluses or from federal COVID-19 aid provided to states.

Here is a list of the states that have approved or proposed stimulus check programs in 2023:

[List of 35 states providing checks]

Alabama – Arizona – California – Colorado – Georgia – Hawaii – Idaho – Illinois – Indiana – Iowa – Kansas -Kentucky – Maine – Maryland – Massachusetts – Michigan – Minnesota – Mississippi – Missouri – Montana – Nebraska – New Jersey – New Mexico – New York – North Carolina – Ohio – Oklahoma – Oregon – Pennsylvania – Rhode Island – South Carolina – Texas – Utah – Vermont – Virginia – Washington – West Virginia – Wisconsin

Eligibility and payment amounts differ in each state. But most require residents to have filed income tax returns with the state to qualify. Approved payments range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars depending on location.

Who Is Eligible for Stimulus Checks in 2023?

Eligibility guidelines vary between federal and state-level stimulus programs:

Federal payments: U.S. citizens or resident aliens earning under $75,000 individually or $150,000 for married couples filing jointly would qualify if new stimulus payments occur.

State payments: Eligibility and income limits are set by each state. Filing a state tax return is usually required. Check with your state’s tax authority for specifics.

How Much Money Can You Get?

Stimulus check amounts depend on whether payments come from federal or state governments:

  • Federal: Up to $1,400 based on income and dependents.
  • State: From a few hundred to over $1,000 based on state criteria.

For example, California is issuing payments up to $1,050 per taxpayer based on income, filing status and dependents.

When Will Stimulus Checks Arrive in 2023?

If new federal legislation passes, stimulus checks would likely go out within weeks or months. State-level payments are already being distributed on varying timelines. Check announcements from your state government for expected dates.

How Are Payments Issued?

Stimulus checks are typically sent through direct deposit using banking information provided on tax returns. Mailed paper checks or debit cards are issued if no direct deposit information is available.

In summary, it remains uncertain if there will be another federal stimulus check in 2023. But many states are providing aid through one-time payments to taxpayers. Check if you qualify for a state stimulus program this year.

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