Analyzing the Current Yield of the SNOXX Money Market Fund

The Schwab Treasury Obligations Money Fund (SNOXX) has a 7-day yield of 5.18% as of today. This yield reflects the average 7-day income return without reinvestment over the past week.

The 7-day yield provides a snapshot of SNOXX’s recent performance versus the 30-day yield, which covers a longer trailing monthly period. Since the 7-day yield incorporates interest rate changes faster, it can give a more up-to-date view.

Key Details on SNOXX’s Cash Yield

When evaluating SNOXX’s cash yield, key points for investors:

  • Current 7-day yield is 5.18%
  • 7-day yield reflects latest 1-week average return
  • 30-day yield lags as it covers previous month
  • Yield can fluctuate over time based on interest rates
  • Invests in safe U.S. Treasuries and repos

Assessing SNOXX’s Role for Cash Holdings

For investors looking to park cash safely, SNOXX offers an attractive yield compared to other money market funds. The liquidity and low risk profile make it suitable for short-term savings goals or emergency funds.

However, the yield is still lower than bond and stock returns long-term. Understanding the stability and lower growth tradeoff of SNOXX is key before investing.

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