RAL Real Estate: A Leading Investor in Residential Assisted Living Facilities

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RAL Real Estate has established itself as one of the foremost investors in and operators of residential assisted living (RAL) facilities across the United States. Since its founding in 2015, the company has amassed an impressive portfolio of high-quality senior housing assets.

Overview of RAL Real Estate

RAL Real Estate focuses specifically on acquiring RAL properties, which provide housing and care services to seniors requiring daily assistance. The company’s current portfolio includes over 20 facilities located in several states.

The experienced leadership team at RAL Real Estate combines extensive real estate investment experience with a background in operating assisted living communities. This enables the company to provide excellent care and living environments for residents.

RAL Real Estate continues to expand its footprint by sourcing and acquiring additional RAL properties in markets exhibiting strong demand drivers. The company’s selective acquisition strategy targets well-located, purpose-built facilities.

Benefits of Investing with RAL Real Estate

Investing in RAL facilities alongside a proven specialist like RAL Real Estate offers investors a compelling opportunity with multiple potential benefits:

  • Demographic tailwinds – The growing senior population drives steady demand for assisted living capacity.
  • Stable cash flows – Rental income and government subsidies generate consistent cash flows.
  • Inflation protection – Revenues benefit from rent increases linked to inflation.
  • Social impact – Investment supports development of top-quality housing for seniors.
  • Potential tax advantages – Tax benefits may be available to accredited investors.

Looking to the Future

With its focused strategy and experienced leadership, RAL Real Estate is primed for continued growth as a leading investor in assisted living real estate. The company’s portfolio generates attractive risk-adjusted returns for its investment partners.

RAL Real Estate represents a differentiated investment vehicle that provides exposure to an essential, high-demand sector of the housing market.

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