Prevailing Wage Determinations Processing Times, How long does it take?

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Companies seeking H-1B visas and government contractors need Labor Department prevailing wage determinations to set pay rates for workers. But how long do these wage decisions take in the current environment?

Prevailing Wage Determinations Processing times vary based on seasonal fluctuations and staff capacity. As of August 2023, the Labor Department is working on prevailing wage requests filed before October 2022, pointing to an 11-month backlog.

Key Factors Impacting Processing Speeds

Several issues contribute to the Prevailing Wage Determinations Processing times delays:

  • Application complexity – sophisticated requests take more time.
  • Volume of submissions – the Labor Department gets thousands of petitions.
  • Staffing shortages – fewer employees to handle high demand.
  • Disruptions like weather events or technical glitches.

Actions to Expedite Prevailing Wage Decisions

The Labor Department is taking steps to speed up processing:

  • Prioritizing certain requests like infrastructure projects.
  • Hiring additional adjudicators.
  • Streamlining the application process.
  • Using technology to automate tasks where possible.

Tips for Applicants to Minimize Delays

Companies awaiting decisions can also take proactive measures:

  • Submit requests early with ample lead time.
  • Ensure applications are complete and accurate.
  • Respond promptly to any Labor Department inquiries.
  • Engage qualified attorneys or consultants for guidance.

While long prevailing wage determination waits can impact projects, being aware of the factors causing delays and taking mitigating actions can help expedite crucial wage rate decisions.

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