Is the Loft Credit Card Worth It? – Review

The Loft Credit Card offers tempting rewards for frequent Ann Taylor and LOFT shoppers. But is this store-specific card really worth getting? This in-depth guide will cover the pros, cons, fees, and fine print to help you decide.

Overview of the Loft Credit Card

Offered by Comenity Bank, the Loft Credit Card gives cardholders 5 points per $1 spent at Ann Taylor, LOFT, Ann Taylor Factory, and LOFT Outlet. You’ll also earn 2x points at gas stations and grocery stores and 1 point everywhere else. New cardholders get a $20 rewards coupon after their first qualifying purchase within 60 days.

Benefits include 15% off purchases on the first Tuesday of every month, free shipping on $75+ orders, purchase protection, extended warranty, and travel insurance. The variable APR is currently 24.99%.

Top Pros of the Loft Credit Card

  • Lucrative 5x rewards at Ann Taylor brands make this card a no-brainer for loyal customers. Even occasional shoppers can rack up points quickly.
  • 2x bonuses on gas and groceries make this card useful beyond just store purchases.
  • Introductory $20 offer pads your rewards balance from day one.
  • Perks like 15% off days, free shipping, and purchase protection provide additional savings.

Potential Cons to Consider

  • 24.99% APR is quite high, so carrying a balance can get expensive. Make sure to pay in full each month.
  • Most benefits are limited to Ann Taylor brands, reducing appeal for infrequent shoppers.
  • Rewards can only be redeemed as brand credit, not cash back.
  • Must spend $175+ to redeem rewards.

Before applying, be sure you can qualify and will use the card enough to justify the fees. Overall, the Loft Credit Card is best suited for frequent Ann Taylor and LOFT customers who can maximize the brand-specific perks.

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