How to Cash a Check Without ID

how to cash a check without id

Cashing a check without a valid photo ID can be tricky, but is possible in certain circumstances. but Here are some tips on how to cash a check without id if you don’t have your driver’s license or other identification handy.

What Types of Checks Can Be Cashed Without ID?

The most commonly accepted checks without ID are:

  • Government checks – Social Security, disability, tax refund, etc.
  • Payroll checks from select major employers
  • Cashier’s checks from a bank or credit union
  • Money orders from USPS, Western Union, Walmart, etc.

Personal checks are less likely to be cashable without ID.

Where to Cash a Check Without ID

Here are some options for where you may be able to cash a check without presenting identification:

  • Your own bank’s ATM – Enter your account PIN and check amount.
  • Mobile check deposit app – Photograph the check to deposit into your account.
  • Ask the check writer to deposit it for you.
  • Local check cashing stores – Fees typically apply.
  • Friends or family members willing to cash it for you.

Limits and Fees to Expect

The amount you can cash without ID varies:

  • Bank ATMs often have a daily limit, usually around $500.
  • Check cashing services set their own maximum based on check type.
  • Friends/family may set their own limits on comfort level.

Check cashing fees are also common without ID:

  • Bank ATMs don’t charge non-customers a fee.
  • Check cashing services charge 1-5% of the check amount as a fee.
  • Friends or family may charge small fees.

Tips for Cashing Without ID

Follow these tips to on how to cash a check without id,:

  • Call ahead to the bank or check cashing store to confirm their policies.
  • Be prepared to answer questions about the check’s source and your relationship to the payer.
  • Start with a smaller check amount if going to a new location for the first time.
  • For personal checks, try to bring a document that matches the payer’s name, like a bill, invitation, or receipt.
  • Never cash checks from strangers where legitimacy is uncertain.

With some preparation and research, you can usually find a convenient way to cash most checks without a photo ID. Just be aware of potential fees and limits based on the check amount and type.

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