Over 6 Million Jobs Available in Booming Finance Industry

Finance remains one of the hottest career fields today with over 6 million current job openings according to Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) data. Opportunities span accounting, banking, financial advising, insurance, and more.

With 7% projected growth through 2031, finance jobs are expanding faster than the average for all occupations as well.

In-Demand Finance Roles

Many finance positions are in high demand right now, including:

  • Accountants – Preparing financial records and tax documents. Median salary around $77,000.
  • Financial analysts – Reviewing financial information to advise businesses and individuals. Median salary around $88,000.
  • Personal financial advisors – Providing investing and money guidance to clients. Median salary around $94,000.
  • Loan officers – Evaluating and authorizing loan applications for people and businesses. Median salary around $77,000.
  • Insurance underwriters – Assessing insurance applications to determine coverage and premiums. Median salary around $77,000.

Industries Hiring for Finance Roles

Banks, credit unions, insurance firms, and investment companies offer the largest share of finance jobs. But openings extend across:

  • Government agencies like the IRS and SEC
  • Educational institutions
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Real estate and healthcare

Remote work opportunities in finance are rising as well.

Getting Started in a Finance Career

Typical requirements for finance roles include:

  • Bachelor’s degree in finance, accounting, economics or business
  • Industry internships
  • Licenses or certifications like CPA or CFA
  • Strong analytical, math, and communication skills

Networking and joining finance professional associations can also be helpful for launching and building your career.

With over 6 million current openings and fast growth projected, opportunities abound for qualified candidates to begin rewarding finance careers. The industry offers competitive compensation and a wide range of specializations.

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