Hedge Fund Jobs – An Overview of Roles and Requirements

hedge fund jobs

Hedge funds employ various specialized professionals to manage investments and generate returns. Here is an overview of common hedge fund positions and their respective salaries, education requirements, and skillsets.

Portfolio Manager

Salary: $500,000+

Education: MBA or graduate degree, 5+ years experience

Skills: Investment analysis, risk management, leadership

Portfolio managers make final decisions on investment strategies and directly oversee the fund’s performance. Extensive experience in finance is required along with analytical skills and sharp business judgement.

Investment Analyst

Salary: $150,000+

Education: Bachelor’s degree in finance or economics, 2+ years experience

Skills: Financial modeling, research, valuation analysis

Investment analysts support portfolio managers by conducting in-depth research on potential investments and developing financial models to evaluate opportunities. Strong quantitative skills are crucial.


Salary: $200,000+

Education: Bachelor’s degree in finance, 2+ years trading experience

Skills: Trading, risk management, quick decision making

Traders execute buy and sell orders to implement investment positions based on strategies set by portfolio managers. Success requires keeping calm under pressure and razor sharp real-time market analysis.

Risk Manager

Salary: $250,000+

Education: Master’s degree in finance, 5+ years risk management experience

Skills: Statistical analysis, risk modeling, regulatory compliance

Risk managers identify, monitor, and control total risk exposure across the fund’s holdings. Advanced quantitative skills and knowledge of complex risk management concepts are required.

Operations Manager

Salary: $200,000+

Education: Bachelor’s degree in business or finance, 5+ years operations experience

Skills: Hedge fund operations, accounting, compliance

Operations managers maintain day-to-day administrative, compliance, accounting, and technology needs of the fund. Experience with hedge fund operations and financial services is essential.

Hedge fund positions offer lucrative compensation but also demand long hours under high pressure. Candidates must demonstrate advanced skills and qualifications to be competitive for these exclusive roles.

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