Guardian Disability Insurance: Coverage Options and Considerations

guardian disability insurance

Disability insurance from leading provider Guardian Life Insurance Company of America (Guardian) offers financial protection if injury or illness prevents you from working. Guardian provides both individual and group policies.

Overview of Guardian Disability Products

Guardian offers short-term and long-term disability plans to replace lost income during periods of disability:

  • Short-term plans pay benefits for 3-6 months after an elimination period. Coverage of 40-70% of pre-disability earnings is typical.
  • Long-term plans pay benefits for 2+ years. Coverage from 40-60% of pre-disability income is common.
  • Policies are customizable with varied benefit periods, monthly payouts, and elimination periods. Riders provide benefits for specific conditions.

Benefits of Choosing Guardian Disability Insurance

There are several advantages to choosing Guardian disability coverage:

  • Strong financial backing – Fortune 500 company with over $100 billion in assets and 160+ years in business
  • Flexibility – Ability to tailor policies to individual needs
  • Reputation – Known for reliable customer service and prompt claims payment
  • Range of options – Offers both individual and group disability plans

Potential Drawbacks to Consider

Some downsides to weigh with Guardian disability insurance:

  • Cost – Premiums may be higher than smaller or niche providers
  • Availability – Products not accessible in every state
  • Exclusions – Policies may contain exclusions for some conditions
  • Claims processes – Insurer may aggressively investigate claims to avoid payments

Important Considerations When Choosing Coverage

If considering Guardian disability insurance, be sure to:

  • Compare Guardian plans and pricing to other top disability insurers
  • Check state availability – products differ across locations
  • Read policies closely to ensure needed conditions are covered
  • Calculate needed monthly benefit amount based on living costs
  • Select shortest elimination period you can afford to limit unpaid time


Guardian offers a range of reputable disability insurance options for individuals and employers. While not always the cheapest, Guardian provides flexible, customizable disability coverage backed by superior financial strength. Do your due diligence comparing plans to find the best value based on your specific needs.

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