Finding a Job Without a Background Check – A Guide

For those with limited work experience or other concerns in their history, finding a job that doesn’t require a background check can seem challenging but is certainly possible. This comprehensive guide covers the best options for positions that don’t conduct background checks and tips for landing one.

Overview of Common “No Background Check” Jobs

Here is a comparison of some of the top jobs that typically don’t require background checks and their pros and cons:

Food Service

Pros: Easy to find openings, little experience required, earn tips

Cons: Low wages, nights/weekends, high-stress


Pros: Easy to find openings, employee discounts, varied work

Cons: Low wages, nights/weekends, repetitive tasks

Customer Service

Pros: Remote options, gain experience, office-type work

Cons: Repetitive, dealing with angry customers, low pay

House Cleaning

Pros: Flexible scheduling, be your own boss, set your rates

Cons: Physically demanding, transportation needs, building client base

Delivery Driver

Pros: Flexible scheduling, be your own boss, set your rates

Cons: Use of own vehicle required, pay reliant on tips

Pet Sitter

Pros: Flexible scheduling, be your own boss, set your rates

Cons: Managing animals, building client base, unpaid time for meet & greets

The best option depends on your personal skills, interests, and needs. Evaluate which pros matter most and which cons you can withstand.

Other Factors to Keep in Mind

While the above jobs do not require background checks, other requirements may exist:

  • Some may require minimum experience levels.
  • Availability for nights/weekends is often needed for food service and retail.
  • You may need basic equipment like a vehicle for delivery driving or cleaning supplies for house cleaning.
  • Building up a solid client base takes time for pet sitting, house cleaning, delivery driving.

Carefully read all job listings to ensure you meet the qualifications before applying. Some upfront purchases like a uniform or supplies may be needed as well.

Tips for Finding No Background Check Job Opportunities

Use these strategies to locate openings:

  • Search on job sites like Indeed, Monster, CareerBuilder filtering by “background check not required”
  • Check Craigslist job listings in your area
  • Join Facebook groups for job seekers or industries like food service, retail, etc.
  • Ask family, friends, and neighbors if their employers are hiring
  • Check company websites of retailers, restaurants, etc. for job listings
  • Contact potential clients for pet sitting, house cleaning, delivery

Cast a wide net using multiple approaches for the best chance of success. With flexibility and persistence, you can find a good job without having to worry about a background check.

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