Freedom Property Management: Evaluating the Property Management Company

Freedom Property Management is a US and UK-based property management company offering services like tenant screening, rent collection, maintenance, and evictions to landlords. However, Freedom has received mixed reviews from customers online.

Below is an overview of the pros, cons, and key considerations regarding Freedom Property Management for landlords evaluating the provider.

Pros of Freedom Property Management

Some of the positive factors reported by customers include:

  • Years of experience managing various property types
  • Provides a full suite of property management services
  • Competitive pricing structure compared to competitors

Cons and Controversies

However, Freedom has also garnered negative feedback regarding:

  • Inconsistent service quality based on online reviews
  • Limited regional coverage in the US and UK only
  • Potential conflicts owning real estate while also managing

Important Considerations Before Hiring

Landlords exploring Freedom Property Management should:

  • Carefully research reviews to look for any recurring complaint patterns
  • Compare Freedom’s service fees to other local providers
  • Evaluate communication responsiveness during the vetting process
  • Ensure alignment on management philosophies and practices


Freedom Property Management has relevant experience but mixed reviews. Thorough due diligence, including checking reviews and comparing regional alternatives, is advised before formally hiring Freedom to manage property. This helps ensure a positive landlord-manager relationship.

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