What is a Deposited Plan?

deposited plan meaning

A deposited plan meaning a legal document that precisely defines property boundaries and land features. Deposited plans must meet certain standards and are filed with government authorities as public records. They serve a variety of important functions related to property rights and land use.

What Does a Deposited Plan Show?

Deposited plans are created by licensed surveyors and include detailed drawings of:

  • All boundaries and dimensions of the subject property
  • Location of existing structures like buildings, roads, fences
  • Any easements or right-of-ways crossing the property
  • Significant topographical features like waterways
  • Total calculated area of the land

These plans are drawn to scale and include legends to explain all symbols used.

Why Are Deposited Plans Created?

There are several key reasons deposited plans are produced:

  • To legally record new subdivisions of land
  • To document easements and land rights
  • To settle boundary disputes with definitive evidence
  • To provide legal descriptions for transfer of property ownership
  • To assess property attributes for taxation
  • To ensure compliance with land use regulations

How are Deposited Plans Used?

Deposited plans have many uses, including:

  • Providing legal evidence of property boundaries for sales and transfers
  • Guiding local governments in planning and zoning matters
  • Enabling property owners to understand rights and restrictions
  • Settling boundary disputes between neighbors
  • Planning construction and development projects
  • Managing environmental and indigenous land issues

Deposited Plan Creation and Filing Process

The typical process for deposited plans involves:

  1. A registered land surveyor performs detailed property surveys
  2. The surveyor prepares the plan meeting legal requirements
  3. The plan is certified by the surveyor as accurate
  4. The plan is filed along with fees at the land registry office
  5. The government authority reviews and approves the plan
  6. The deposited plan is assigned a registration number
  7. It becomes a legal public record accessible to all parties

In summary, a deposited plan meaning an essential legal document defining land attributes and boundaries, prepared by licensed surveyors and filed with government authorities for public record. Deposited plans serve many crucial functions related to land rights, land use regulations, property sales, construction, and dispute resolution.

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