California Inflation Relief Payments: Middle Class Tax Refund Details

To provide financial relief from rising inflation, California issued one-time payments in 2022-2023 known as the Middle Class Tax Refund (MCTR). Here are key details on eligibility and how the program worked:

Eligibility Requirements

To qualify for the $350 to $1,050 inflation relief payments, Californians must have:

  • Filed a 2020 state tax return showing California residency
  • Reported income under $250,000 (single filers) or $500,000 (joint)
  • Not been claimed as a dependent in 2020

Payment Amounts

Payment sizes depended on income and dependents:

  • Single filers making under $75,000 received $350
  • Joint filers under $150,000 received $700
  • All filers got an extra $350 per dependent claimed

This means a family of four could receive up to $1,050 total.

Delivery Methods

Most MCTR payments were sent by direct deposit based on information from 2020 tax returns. Others received debit cards by mail if no bank account was on file.

Status Checks and Expected Completion

Eligible residents who have not yet received payments can check status on the Franchise Tax Board website and contact them with questions. The state expects to finish processing all MCTR payments by September 2023.

The tax refund program provided welcome relief to millions of Californians struggling with high inflation in 2022 and 2023. Those who qualify but have not yet received payments should follow up to claim this one-time financial assistance from the state.

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