CAC 40 FintechZoom Index: Tracking Top European Fintech Stocks

The CAC 40 FintechZoom index is a new Euronext index launched on October 3, 2023 to specifically track the performance of the 40 largest fintech stocks traded in Paris. With fintech growth accelerating globally, this index aims to capture the sector’s upside for investors.

Weighted by market capitalization, the index includes leading fintech names across payments, banking, lending, and more. Top 10 constituents as of October 8, 2023 are:

  1. Worldline
  2. Adyen
  3. Ingenico Group
  4. Nexi
  5. Wirecard
  6. SumUp
  7. Klarna
  8. Revolut
  9. Wise
  10. Affirm

Recent Performance Reflects Fintech Momentum

Since launching at a base level of 100, the CAC 40 FintechZoom index has already returned over 10% in its first month. This strong early performance reflects the current tailwinds driving fintech growth.

Key factors powering the index include the expanding adoption of fintech globally, favorable regulations in Europe such as PSD2 opening up payments, and the overall acceleration of digital financial services. Additionally, the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the digitalization of finance and payments.

Forecasts Point to Continued Outperformance

Looking ahead, analysts forecast the CAC 40 FintechZoom to significantly outpace broader markets over the next 5 years, potentially returning over 15% annually.

Ongoing trends like the growth of e-commerce, mobile payments, blockchain technology, digital banking, and more underpin these bullish projections. Furthermore, the index methodology helps concentrate exposure to the very best-positioned fintech innovators pushing disruption.

For investors looking to overweight the high-growth fintech sector, especially Europe’s rising stars, the CAC 40 FintechZoom provides a targeted index-based approach to tap into this opportunity. Backed by strong fundamentals and catalysts, the index seems poised to reward exposure to leading fintechs transforming finance.

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