Top AI Stocks Under $10 to Watch in 2023

Artificial intelligence is transforming industries through machine learning, automation, and data analytics. As adoption grows, AI stocks under $10 present an opportunity for investors on a budget.

Several companies at the forefront of AI innovation have share prices accessible to small portfolio sizes. While higher risk, these stocks offer exposure to a high-upside sector.

Alithya Group: AI Consulting & Solutions

Alithya Group Inc (NASDAQ: ALYA) is a Canadian IT consulting firm providing AI and machine learning solutions across industries. Trading under $10, Alithya offers affordable access to a company growing revenue through AI adoption.

The company has a track record of profitability and is well-positioned as a leader in the AI consulting space. As more firms seek AI expertise, Alithya’s solutions should see strong demand.

Lantronix: Hardware Enabling AI Applications

Lantronix Inc (NASDAQ: LTRX) develops hardware and software for artificial intelligence applications. The company provides connectivity and power solutions that enable the machine learning capabilities of IoT devices.

Recently acquiring AI company Softing Industrial Automation strengthens Lantronix’s positioning in industrial AI. Its focus on enabling technologies gives it exposure to AI growth.

SoundHound: Pioneering Voice AI Technology

SoundHound AI Inc (NASDAQ: SOUN) is a pioneer in voice-enabled AI. Its technology powers voice assistants and conversational interfaces for companies across automotive, consumer electronics, and mobile.

With voice control becoming commonplace, SoundHound’s foundational IP gives it an edge as adoption spreads. The low $3 price tag allows investors to tap into a proven AI innovator on the rise.

High Risk But High Reward Potential

These AI stocks under $10 carry sizable risk but also substantial reward potential. For investors seeking tech disruption at affordable price points, companies like Alithya, Lantronix, and SoundHound present compelling opportunities.

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